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There is something about travel that makes everyone crave it so much. Who doesn't love traveling! On this page, you will find all our holiday and travel contests and deals.

We have searched across all online platforms and collated as many travel offers as we can here. This way you just need to check in on this page and try your luck. It's your one stop shopping page for all travel related offers, contests, giveaways and freebies.
The deals here can range from a simple vacation in Boracay to a lavish all expense paid trip to New York. Just look through each contest or deal and you will find trips to exotic locations like Thailand or even Africa.

Some prefer solo travel, some prefer family vacations with their little ones, some prefer a full-on party style holiday or even a relaxing weekend getaway to the beach. There's a trip for everyone here!

Be sure to look out for all expense paid giveaways here. These free getaways are rare and a must enter for a chance to win. You just never know when lady luck decides to shine on you right?

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An as Oscar Wilde's famous quote goes, “Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”

Food & Dining

When it comes to food, there are two types of people in this world. You either eat to live or live to eat. If you belong to the latter like me, then you have definitely come to the right place! 

Get your tummies ready to explode with the countless food deals we have gathered here just for you. It's really impossible to run out of good deals on this page especially in a food paradise like the Philippines where we have an abundance of delicious food to please every palate.  Theres deals for every cuisine here from Italian Pizzas, Korean Pancakes, Taiwanese Boba teas and American Fast-food. The ever so famous Jollibee which has outlets worldwide always has freebies and deals as well so be sure to keep a constant look out for those if you love fast food!

Try your luck here and check out all our deals, offers, freebies and giveaways for all things related food. The foodie in you will definitely be unable to resist all these awesome giveaways we have put together here.

With food delivery services on the rise now, anyone can get access to a wide variety of food in just minutes. The deals here can range from simple 1 for 1 deals to a Free romantic Michelin Star meal for 2. Bubble Tea deals are also widely popular now. If you are a fan be sure to snap up all these deals and offers. 

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Spa, Beauty & Wellness

Are you always in awe of the Kardashians and how perfect they look in each and every instagram post or perhaps our local darling Kim Chiu who just looks effortlessly flawless no matter what she wears. Maintaining a certain image and pulling off the latest fashions and trends is not often pocket friendly, which is why you need to check out all the deals and freebies we have lined up for you in this page. 

You will be able to find plenty of Spa, Beauty and wellness related deals and giveaways on this page here. There is something for everyone here. The deals here could range from getting gift cards from the most popular brands, having fabulous one-for-one spa deals with your other halves and getting heavily discounted hair services or free makeup.  

There are even awesome offers here if you are a makeup junkie like me. I most probably have enough lipsticks to last me ten lifetimes but that still doesn't stop me from getting the next MAC lipstick where there's a deal! If you love makeup as well, be sure to check out the free makeup or amazing deals we have here on this page. We have even teamed up with Product Tester companies where you can simply sign up and review a makeup at no cost at all. 

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Electronics & Gadgets

Who doesn't love free gadgets or amazing deals on the latest electronics? This is most probably the hottest category we have due to the large value of item. There's an insane amount of gadget giveaways out there on the internet and we have picked out the best and authentic ones. 

You will be able to find all sorts of gadgets here such as iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Wireless EarPods and many many more. There are amazing deals by huge brands like Apple, Samsung, Oppo and Vivo. There is no such thing as too good to be true in this category as our team has ensured every deal and freebie here is truly tried, tested and verified. 

Due to the high price of each item, there will be limited prizes and deals that can be redeemed in this category.  The fastest fingers always wins so be sure to be quick and to take a deeper look into each and every giveaway and deal listed below!

Smartphones have so many cool functions now that it has practically replaced so many other things we need. One no longer needs a watch, a radio, an MP3 player, an alarm, a calendar.. the list is endless with the constant upgrading of smartphones. Our gadget junkie team is constantly updating this category with the best deals and contests out there. These smartphones and gadgets have the latest specifications in the market. Everyone has a chance of being a winner or grabbing the best deal here. 

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Bank Offers

Money saved is money earned! This page will display all the latest bank offer offers on debit/credit cards including fee waiver, bonus points, freebies on sign up and partner offers with fashion brands.

Our team has searched all the websites / apps and collated all the information here. All you need to do is visit our site often for regular dose of best deals in the country.  There are interesting offers like Free Air pods on sign up of bank credit card or 1 for 1 on 5 star restaurants.

Make sure to check this page often for deals and offers on latest Bank and credit card offers. Specially curated deals for our audiences are updated regularly here.

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